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Family law is an inherently painful and emotional area of law. Anyone who has gone through a property division or child custody dispute during divorce can attest to the difficult, frustrating and confusing nature of the process. While I can help make the process less painful, I cannot remove all of the pain or confusion. However, I will always do my best to not destroy those life connections you wish to maintain post-divorce. The reality is that if children are involved, the courts will want you to maintain parental relationships post-divorce, unless the relationship with the other parent is not in the best interests of the child. As the courts see it and as I see it, and as my client should see it, a good, attentive non-custodial parent should have as much access and possession as possible under the law, as that is usually better for the child or children. Since a Joint Managing Conservatorship is, by Law, presumed to be in the best interests of the child or children, to request otherwise (that, generally, biological parents should not have co-equal rights to their children) requires significant evidence to rebut the presumption.

I can explain the confusing aspects of a Family Law case and give you the knowledge that will bring clarity to what you are experiencing in the process. Usually, you received a considerable amount of that knowledge in my consultation, but I continually reinforce that knowledge when necessary because it is in the client's best interests and essential to fully understand what is happening so that the client can make intelligent, individual decisions that may affect the rest of the client's life and the rest of the child's life or children's lives. I can also provide compassion for the frustration as the frustration is universal and unchangeable and a part of the process. I can also bring you practicality and realism, when those personal characteristics seem to be in short supply, but absolutely needed in the case.

Over Four Decades of Family Law Experience

I am Leonard M. Roth, Attorney at Law. Since 1972, I have practiced family law based on the principle that each client deserves a lawyer who provides high-quality, aggressive, and effective legal representation. My many years of experience also gives me a fairly clear vision of the trajectory of a case and the probable outcome of the case.

Through my law office, I represent clients in Houston, Harris County, Texas and the surrounding counties and communities in all aspects of divorce, including child custody, child support, spousal support, and modification of those aspects, and property division, which includes issues of separate property, community property and mixed property, if, and only if this is modifiable. I also draft and review prenuptial and partition and exchange agreements, as well as help clients with adoption and paternity (now termed parentage) actions.

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I am certified as a family law specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, which is your assurance of my experience and competence. I am also qualified to do Mediation, Family Mediation and Collaborative Law.

My aim is to resolve your family law matter with tact, discretion, common sense guided by long-term life and professional experience inside the practice of law and outside the practice of law and efficiency, while keeping your interests and goals at the forefront of all negotiations and proceedings. I always attempt to develop and preserve a successful attorney-client relationship and always attempt to achieve a successful, rational result.

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