Father's Rights

In the best circumstances, children are born to parents who are equally committed to raising them. In the legal world, these ideal circumstances are a rarity. In fact, the unfortunate reality is that many parents will either flatly refuse to assist in the child's upbringing or even deny being the mother or father. These denials of parentage, however, do not negate the legal obligation either parent has to the child and that obligation may be retroactive.

Whether you are a mother looking to prove a man is the father of your child, a man who is certain he is the father, or a man who is worried he might be the father, working with a lawyer experienced in parentage cases can help protect your parental rights.

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Fear And Obligation In Parentage And Paternity Cases

Raising a child on your own is difficult enough without having to undergo a prolonged legal battle. Nevertheless, there were two parents responsible for making the child, which means there are two parents responsible for raising and providing for the child.

In many cases, determining parentage is only the first step in an original Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationships (SAPCR). Once a child's mother and father have been determined, I can work with you to resolve other aspects of parenting, including:

Although I cannot remove the difficulty of raising a child, I can help you understand your rights, legal obligations and options throughout the paternity process and seek on your behalf that which you and the child deserve under the law. I can also attempt to protect persons fighting parentage, at least to the extent that, if you are found to be the parent, any child support assessed is fair and based on probative evidence.

Questions About Paternity And Parentage?

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