Serious Injuries & Medical Malpractice

Clearly, I am a Family Law attorney and a Family Law Certified Specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. But, for many years, I handled many other types of cases, including Criminal Defense and I ran for the 184th Criminal District Court bench in 1985 (and, very luckily lost). So, why is "Serious Personal Injury cases" listed on my web site as an area of my practice? There are two important reasons. First, early in my 42+ year legal career, I regularly handled personal injury cases and was successful in that area. I was appointed many times by District Courts to represent children who had been seriously injured in personal injury cases to make certain they were adequately compensated for a life-time of necessary support, where serious structured settlements were necessary.

Through those years of personal injury practice, I met the very best personal injury lawyers in Texas and through those many years of dealing with many personal injury attorneys, one Personal Injury Certified Specialist from the very best personal injury law firm in this area, rose to the top of my list. Second, every week, I get calls regarding personal injury cases. The desperately need information and I freely give it. They ask me for a referral and I freely give that information, also. If it is a very serious case involving potentially millions of dollars in compensable injuries, I refer those cases to this Certified Specialist, Personal Injury attorney. I stay involved in the case whenever and wherever I am needed, and I see the case through to a successful conclusion, if that is the destiny of the case. My involvement in the case does not cost the injured person anything, because in personal injury cases, the personal injury attorney bears all of the cost and risk and he/they take a percentage of what is secured by settlement or by trial, which is part of that attorney's contract with the client.

I receive a percentage of what is gained by the Certified Specialist Personal Injury attorney in pursuit of the case for the client. Since I get so many calls involving areas of the law other than Family Law, and because I am committed to assist people that call me by making the very best referrals possible, I remain deeply involved in Serious Personal Injury Cases, which include, but are not limited to, for example, 18 wheeler collisions resulting in serious injury or death, or serious medical malpractice cases resulting in serious injury or death. But, in the final analysis, many times, I don't know what the potential is for a personal injury case because there are so many factors that influence the final outcome, including the facts of the case, the clients, the possible percentage of shared negligence, if any, the insurance coverage of the negligent party, the statutory limitations on personal injury awards, if any, for the particular kind of case involved, and, of course, the nature of the case.

In those circumstances, I always refer the matter to an expert to make that determination. I have found that the best way to ascertain if your case has financial value to the injured person is if the best personal injury attorneys determine that your case is worth taking the financial risk on, since the personal injury attorney takes all the financial risk of pursuing the case. He (the personal injury attorney that I refer to, in this case a long-term Certified Specialist in Personal Injury Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization), has many decades of experience to make that determination of value and success in an honest and fair manner. And, that is why I list Serious Personal Injury Cases as an area of practice on my web site.